​I had a great time during my summer immersion program in Pennsylvania, USA. I was really looking forward to visiting another continent, experiencing the cultural differences and obviously to improve my English. My host family and the people I met treated me as one of their own, which made my stay very pleasant and full of wonderful experiences. I really had a great time. I have brought back with me wonderful memories and I hope to repeat this experience again in the future. Thank you very much to Pursue Languages for making this trip possible.

Miquel from Valencia, Spain

My experience in the USA with Pursue Languages after travelling for 18 days has been very special. Not only have I improved my English but I have also met fantastic people who shared with me their way of life. Pursue Languages Thanks for the opportunity.


As a family were happy to share our lives, culture and language with Marina for a month this summer. She was a lovely person and fun to get to know. She was content to do whatever activities we had planned during her stay. Several highlights were a weekend at the beach and day trips to NYC, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. We did an Amish buggy ride and many other local activities. We enjoyed hearing about things that were different from Spanish culture and our own. The Spanish Omelette that she cooked for us was delicious. We also invited her to try a variety of cuisine.

Karen Maddox from Pennsylvania, USA

Having the opportunity to host a student from Spain was a great experience for my family. We were able to develop a great relationship with our student as we learned about one another's culture and embraced differences and similarities. I thoroughly enjoyed being a host and am excited to do it again!

Audrey, Chicago USA

This has been my best experience in my whole life as the trips were so good and the family was amazing. I encourage you to try it, is an experience every teenager should have.

Lorena (Valencia)

Staying for a month in USA was like a dream came true. I got to meet a wonderful family that let me be part of their lives and showed me a different culture and a way of living. It wasn't only about improving my English, which I did, it was also about opening my mind. I can't wait to go back

Fara, España

I never could imagine I would have such a great experience. Not only I have improved my english I have been able to find a new family across the world. With them I have discovered a new living style, a different culture and lovely people.

Esther, Valencia. (Pittsburg)

My Immersion experience in Dublin organized by Pursue Languages has been very positive. The family I stayed with for six weeks was amazing, very much involved in both full hosting services as well as my English practice,they were very kind indeed. The internship I did was also a great experience, the professionals were very committed to the objective of the program. My English has improved significantly, i definitely recommend Pursue Languages!

Cristina M, Valencia

We had the pleasure of hosting a lovely, gracious woman from Spain for 3 weeks. We laughed over many translation challenges and the differences of culture. We shared our quiet , peaceful life style in the country with our city guest, and despite the difficulty of finding educational experiences in a more remote setting we bonded and shared hearts

Sharon, PA,USA

Raquel, Alicante España

"We thoroughly enjoyed hosting Miquel these past 4 weeks! He is a bright, respectful young man who blended seamlessly with our family and friends. As he learned about our American culture, we learned quite a bit about his life in Spain. What a terrific cultural experience, not only for Miquel, but for our son and daughter as well!

From the Plakans, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

As we went through a full week of classes at Colegio Virgen de Europa, our students experienced a different schedule of classes (9 to 5pm), extra- curricular activities designed just for them (flamenco dance classes, cooking lesson, field trips) as well as the warmth of a family that could not wait to give back and thank us for our hospitality in Pittsburgh. Our students' ability to adapt to another culture and language as well as their sense of adventure stood out. Parents stressed how polite, flexible and fun they were. Believe me, it is not easy to skip a night's sleep or to wait for dinner at 9:30 pm every day... And yes, there were a lot of tears at the airport... I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for allowing me to lead them in this educational, safe and fun experience. Our students made us very proud during their stay in Spain.

Myriam Fontes, Pittsburgh