Pursue Languages


We are a company based in Alicante, Spain. Our slogan is Live Love Learn PURSUE Languages abroad. We believe that you should challenge yourself, and PURSUE Languages outside of your general education. Studying languages in its native country is crucial to speak fluently and to be successful in future language encounters.


Pursue Languages is working to promote cultural integration in order to broaden understanding of our world as it changes through globalization. We do so by providing the opportunity for students to go abroad through Global Exchange (an exchange program between two schools of different nations) and with our Individual Home stays. Why? As our world rapidly changes, and with the current economy, finding work after university has become increasingly challenging. Learning about other cultures and to speak in multiple languages provides more opportunities to work world wide. In order to accomplish this, we believe that cultural and language immersion is vital.


The schools we have formed a partnership with are some of the best in their respective regions, and many rank amongst the top 100 in Spain. Whatsmore, the schools that we work with in the U.S.A are also highly ranked in their respective states. The same applies to the other countries that we offer language programs in.

We have been working with our partner schools now for several years and we have provided many successful programs through Pursue Languages.


Most of our Students live with host families. We make sure that the families are joining the program with your best interest at heart. Furthermore each family is screened, and interviewed to ensure that you will have an unforgettable experience. Our host families are our greatest assets. In addition, we offer the option to stay in dorms or hotels.