About our families

Host families are the key to a successful home stay. Our caring and welcoming host families are what make our programs of the highest quality.

Home stay provides the unique opportunity to learn about a new culture while living as a member of the family.

We recommend home stays because it gives participants more frequent interaction with native speakers, and the language can be learnt and used in its natural context.

Host families can also help adjust to living in a new environment and culture, provide a safe, and caring environment. We have been working with many of our host families for several years, and all of them have undergone a thorough vetting process; both for the safety of the students and peace of mind of their families back home and also so we can find a compatible family that we know you will be able to feel at home with. Background checks will also be required in addition to references for the host families.

Above all, they provide the opportunity to develop friendships that may last a lifetime.

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