Host a Student

Why Host a Student?

Inviting a student into your home is a wonderful intercultural experience for you and your family. You will have the chance to learn about another culture while giving the opportunity of a life time to an international student. The opportunity to improve their language and cultural understanding will increase their possibilities of finding job placements in the future. Families are paired with each student based on the hosts specific requests.


You will have a staff member that will serve as the point-person for all of your basic questions and needs and will provide, ongoing support to you and your family throughout the student’s stay. Moreover, the residential coordinator will conduct regular check-ins, via phone or in-person, as well as organizing exciting events and activities as desired, for you and your international student.

Expectations of Hosts

We ask that our Host families treat their guests like a family member, talk to them frequently and help them communicate in English. The host family should do their best to speak in English when they are with the student and be attentive to possible communication difficulties. Most importantly we ask that the hosts do all they can to ensure their guests stay is comfortable and enjoyable.In general the host family will provide food and accommodation as well as sharing their everyday activities with the students. Some such activities are meal preparation, family life, family outings and even things such as some simple daily chores. Optionally we may ask for you to offer other services such as meeting your guest on arrival, laundry, help in organizing a volunteer activity or language class for the students stay, etc. If desired you can also offer other activities such as language lessons or hobbies taught by yourself, and regular activities with an external organization.

Monthly Stipend

Additionally, Pursue supports all of its hosts by providing them with a monthly stipend to offset the additional costs incurred as a result of hosting a student. Contact use for further information and and questions that you may have.

Host Family Application Form