Global Reciprocal Exchange


A reciprocal exchange program between two schools of different nations. Pursue Languages is working to promote and improve global awareness through our new affordable international exchange program or Global Reciprocal Exchange. Most of the schools we are currently working with are highly ranked in their respective countries.


Our goal is to encourage students to pursue a second language and go out into the world to experience other cultures first hand. As our world becomes increasingly smaller and international travel more accessible. Global Reciprocal Exchange is the best way to prepare students for this global society. Speaking a second language with fluency and confidence will help students to become more competitive as they apply to universities and later pursue careers.


A group of visiting students will spend 10 or 15 days in an exchange partner school. The visiting students in turn invite the host school go to their country and school. The age of the students may vary depending on the needs of the schools. The host school is responsible for the preparation of international travel, providing companions and facilitating the obtaining of their visas if necessary. The host school will provide accommodation and food, cultural activities as well as free tuition for classes at their school. In addition, each school will be asked to provide an opportunity for students to understand and explore the culture of the country being visited. The host school is also asked to provide a driver and transportation to spend at least one day sightseeing.


Each host family is interviewed and their houses inspected to make sure that the visiting student will have safe and comfortable living arrangements during their stay. Host families are required to provide a bed for each student and if the visiting student and hosting student are of different sexes, a separate room.


This program takes place during the school academic year. There might be exceptions for schools that want to travel during spring break or summer. Specifics such as dates of the exchange and selection of students are to be determined by each individual school with support from Pursue Languages.


There are no hidden fees and costs are minimal. There are neither room and board, nor tuition fees. Students are expected to pay for their flights and other transport costs. They are also required to carry pocket money for eating out and souvenirs. Pursue Languages only charges a small application fee.  For more information about costs please send us an email to
Pursue Language is responsible for: Providing a school to do the exchange with. Supervising the host family house inspections by reviewing hosting schools inspection reports and photos (photos of the rooms the children will be staying in will be required.) Reviewing application forms and assessing the language level of each student. Providing 24/7 emergency phone support.


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