Individual Immersion


A program designed for individuals of 16 years or older who are interested in short term or long term home stays.

This program is flexible and can be tailored to meet your needs. We provide summer cultural stays or year long school stays.


Accommodation is with host families. Other forms of accommodation are available, email us at hello@pursuelanguages for further information.


Participants will be immersed in the culture and experience every day life with their host families and school (if done during the academic calendar).

Opportunities to do tourism and visit popular destinations, as well as cultural activities, will be arranged.

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Summer Immersion 2020

Two week summer Immersion to Spain, 2020.

Price includes room, full board and all activities during two weeks.

Flights are NOT included in the price.

However, we are also able to provide a service of reserving flights if so desired.

Please contact us for more information on dates, cities etc.