Learning Destinations -USA



Philadelphia is a diverse city overflowing with a mixture of ethnic groups. It is the largest city in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia is home to many national historical sites that were part of the founding of the United States. Known for its arts and culture, the city has more outdoor sculptures and murals than any other American city, in addition it has the largest landscaped urban park in the world. Philadelphia has mild summers, pleasant springs and autumns, and and beautiful snowy winters.



Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvania. It is full of life and the heart of American culture. Pittsburgh is known as both “the Steel City” and the city of Bridges because it has over 446 bridges. This is a fantastic city for someone interested in architecture, art, film and even medicine. It has internationally regarded museums, medical centers, universities, parks, and libraries. The area has a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons, and precipitation is quite evenly spread throughout the year.



Chicago is a much loved city with the third largest population in the US. This great city offers cultural experiences in contributions to the visual arts, novels, film, theater, improvisational comedy and music. Nicknamed the “Windy City” because of high winds making it great for sailing and kite flying. The city is an international hub for finance, commerce, industry, technology, telecommunications, and transportation, in addition O’Hare International Airport is the most used airport in the world.



State Collage is a quaint city in the center of Pennsylvania. It has lush green pastures, rolling hills and beautiful farms. If you like animals and the outdoors this is the place for you, in this city you will get an experience of a life time. The area is famous for its fishing, and beautiful country side it also has a rich culture of art and music. State Collage has humid summers, pleasant springs and autumns, and mild winters



Washington DC is unique among American cities because it was established by the Constitution of the United States to serve as the nation’s capital. It is home to many national monuments and some of the worlds best museums not including its prolific performing arts scene and an international community reflected in the city’s restaurants, shops and attractions. Washington DC is known for its hot, humid summers, pleasant springs and autumns, and mild winters.



Out of all the U.S states California has the largest population. Due to its large population and geographical size, it has countless cultural and touristic opportunities available. It is world famous for its art and film industry
as well as shopping and beaches. It is especially attractive because of its easy access to both the ocean and mountains. California has fantastic weather and with it being sunny and dry throughout the entire year